Michael Aird on how to do Impact-Driven Research

August 31, 2022

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In this episode, we talked to Michael Aird.

Michael is a senior research manager at Rethink Priorities, where he co-leads the Artificial Intelligence Governance and Strategy team alongside Amanda El-Dakhakhni. Before that he conducted nuclear risk research for Rethink Priorities and longtermist macrostrategy research for Convergence Analysis, the Center on Long-Term Risk, and the Future of Humanity Institute, which is where we know each other from. And before that he was a teacher and a stand up comedian.

Doyne Farmer

We discuss:

  • Whether you should stay in academia if you want to do impactful research
  • How to start looking for roles at impact-driven research organisations
  • What simple changes can improve how you write about your research
  • The uses of 'reductionism' and quantitative thinking
  • The concept of ‘reasoning transparency’
  • Michael’s experience investigating nuclear security


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All authored by Michael.

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General writing skills

Not mentioned my Michael but still maybe useful —

Nuclear risk

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